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Focused on the future.

We're committed to using forests to help fight climate change.


What we do.

We use forests to fight climate change.

The forests we manage capture and store more and more carbon year over year, and that the products from those forests are used to replace carbon-intensive materials and products.


Our foresters measure the carbon stored within each and every family forest we work with. We use scientifically proven methodologies to quantify the carbon stored within these forests.


We develop forest carbon management plans that describe how to improve and increase the carbon stored in each forest through careful forest management.


All of our forests are monitored and measured regularly, allowing for refinement of management plans and tracking of stored carbon.


We connect these forests with climate conscious consumers who want to know their purchases are helping to solve this global challenge.

Tree growth each year is how carbon is captured in the forest. Forests that capture more carbon in a year than they lose through harvesting and natural death are known as carbon sinks.
Carbon accumulates in trees and plant tissues, at the forest floor and in soils. In fact, there is 2 times as much carbon stored within the top 1 m of soil as in all trees in the forest combined.
Our experts directly measure and monitor carbon stored in our forests through time, ensuring that forest growth and harvesting are balanced and that forests are maintained as carbon sinks.
Forest harvesting plays an integral role in sustaining forests as healthy carbon sinks. Through careful selection of older trees for harvest, space is created for the growth of young trees, thus maintaining carbon capture in the forest.
Products from forests can play an important role in reducing emissions beyond the forest. By ensuring the forests the come from are maintained as carbon sinks, forest products are truly renewable and carbon neutral.

What we offer.

Putting our climate forests to work for you.

Climate-Smart Supply Chains

We find markets for forest products that come from carbon dense, well managed forests, letting our customers support climate action with their purchases.

Carbon Offsetting

We give individuals and companies the opportunity to support climate action in our forests by purchasing the rights to carbon stored as an offset to their own emissions.

Carbon Insetting

We work with companies to find opportunities to build carbon capture and storage into their existing product supply chains, putting climate action at the core of their business and culture.

Advisory Services

We help companies, governments and family forest owners understand the opportunities and challenges related to fighting climate change with our forests.

Carbon Offsetting

What is Carbon Offsetting?

While old and healthy forests are the best way store carbon, forests that are regularly clearcut store little. Right now, forest managers and owners only get paid when their forests are cut down and turned into logs. This encourages the wholesale harvesting of forests at a younger and younger age, and a consequent loss of carbon.

Carbon offsets reverse that trend. By measuring and monitoring the amount of carbon stored in a forest through time, carbon offsets make payments to landowners for the additional amount of carbon that their forests store. This allows people and companies that need to emit carbon today to pay forest managers to pull that carbon back out of the air and keep it locked up in healthy, diverse forests.

Carbon offsets are not a complete solution to climate change. They are, however, one tool that can be implemented, today, to pull carbon back out of the air, keeping carbon concentrations low and buying us time to develop the technology and infrastructure necessary to get to zero emissions by mid-century.

What We Do.

Using robust, internationally recognized protocols, Climate Forests is able to measure, account for and development management strategies for the generation of carbon offsets on forest lands.

The Climate Forest Company has the expertise to certify and create carbon offsets from healthy forests. We advise clients in all aspects of the process, including scoping and business planning of potential projects, project design, managing Validation and Verification processes and project operation. In addition, we are able to help clients who want to take their own action to protect and preserve forests to directly offset the carbon emitted by their own business operations.


  • Project Scoping
  • Business Planning
  • Project Design and Development
  • Validation and Verification oversight
  • Project Operation
  • Custom Carbon Offsetting Services

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